You Don’t Even Know

You would have had to be in my body to know how ill I was at this time in my life around 2012. I can see the fatigue around my eyes because I know the feeling.

There in body….but not quite in the mind.

I was still able to pull off a pair of heels as long as I wouldn’t be walking or standing too long. That outfit went great with an orange pair of wedges!

But the clock was ticking or shall I say the pot was about to boil over and my immune system was on the attack to destroy more myelin in my central nervous system.

Making days of wearing heels or walking far a thing of the past.

Adjustments have had to be made and I am thankful to know how to moderate my immune system through diet and lifestyle. And at least still true–WITHOUT disease modifying drugs. 🥳

So today I want to say I LOVE YOU immune system and I will do my best to protect you. 🥰

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