That One Time…

Just a reminder to myself when I held up my first self published book!

It was a huge accomplishment and took looooong days and nights of editing it. Believe it or not I had to figure out how to cut out about 30 pages.

That was because there was way too much complicated information about the digestive system and immune system.

You know, information overload? It was best to keep it fairly simple and let you focus on the FOOD JOURNALING. FLog = food log 😆

Even the six chapters imbedded into your six months of journal pages and tips are only the short version of my story through healing with diet.

It’s MORE important for you to FOCUS on your journey!

Journaling tips:
Focus on one goal at a time.
You don’t have to journal at the same time everyday.
Take photos of your food, drinks or even a selfie or five to remind you of how you were doing.

Video your thoughts to then record them in your FLog later.
Don’t beat yourself up for food mistakes or just plain forgetting to journal in a day.
ALWAYS score your day to map out how you feel vs. your score. will show you where to get a book. Buy through me and I’ll sign it and ship it to you!

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