On A Sweet Note đźŤ­

Fake sugar alert!

It’s better to use real sugar than to use artificial sugars which as more harmful to your body and especially your brain.


Aspartame and these products
AminoSweet®, Neotame®, Equal®, NutraSweet®, Blue Zero Calorie Sweetener Packets™, Advantame®, NutraSweet New Pink, Canderel®, Pal Sweet Diet® and AminoSweet®. Diet soda
Sugar-free breath mints
Sugar-free (or “no sugar added”) cereals
Sugar-free (or “no sugar added”) condiments
Flavored coffee syrups
Flavored water
Sugar-free ice cream and/or toppings
Diet iced tea products
Low-sugar or sugar-free fruit juices
Meal replacement shakes/snacks
“Nutrition” bars
Sports drinks (especially “sugar-free” varieties)
Soft candy chews
Yogurt (sugar-free, fat-free and some drinkable brands)
Vegetable juice drinks
Natural fiber laxative
Fiber oral powder supplements
Appetite control supplements

Content: http://ow.ly/U9qS50wU6UH

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