New Package Deal!

NEW ——The BeWell – Wellness Program

What’s the hype about Touch Therapy a.k.a. Massage?


1. Increased natural endorphins which your body uses to mitigate pain response.

2. Produces a feeling of “Being cared for.”

3. Reduced muscle tension

4. Improved circulation plus lowered heart rate. Great for any form of hypertension.

5. Stimulation of the lymphatic (detoxification) system.

6. Reduction of stress hormones.

And more!

Now you can learn to administer these benefits to someone you care about!

You don’t have to have ANY experience, but only a desire to help make someone else feel loved and cared for!

Via Zoom video instruction and YouTube tutorials by me, a licensed massage therapist with over 15 years of experience and a top notch reputation.

Your package will include:

1. A Prerecorded YouTube video to begin to study the basic routine.

2. Two 45 minute zoom lessons where you will each individually work on your partner.

3. Two 30 minute zoom lessons for a follow up and touch up on technique.

What you’ll need:

1. A queen or King sized bed or massage table. Hopefully this bed is not too low to the ground–you’ll be doing a lot of squats and lunges while you work. There should be enough space for the whole body to lay straight and against the edge of the bed.

2. Two flat sheets–preferably twin size and if you like an extra layer in the form of a light blanket of similar size.

3. 2 Pillows 1 small or a travel neck pillow and an average size queen pillow for the feet/knees.

4. Lotion mixed with coconut oil for a reasonable amount of glide. Most lotions themselves are water based and will dry on the skin too fast.

5. 1 stool or chair. Use the foot of the bed (queen or king sized) for your “massage table.” You need enough room for a stool or chair to be of use toward the end of the 30-40 minute session.

Pricing is on


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