BBQ Cauliflower

If you can eat cauliflower–then I recommend this recipe my husband is a pro griller at making.
BBQ cauliflower
Break up the florets into bite size pieces

Use a heat stable fat like, organic beef or pork fat, grass fed butter or ghee, coconut oil or last choice (Non-extra-virgin) olive oil
Wrap into foil bowls

Steam on the BBQ with about 2TSP of fat

Sprinkle on sea salt and pepper. We use a garlic salt seasoning

Cook for 20-25 minutes, tossing every 5-10mins

Let steam and cool in a covered bowl 10minutes.
Add a small amount of your preferred BBQ sauce or buffalo sauce and be prepared for a party in your mouth!

Smoke points:
Butter 350F
Ghee 485F
Beef 420F
Bacon 325-375F
Coconut oil 350F
Olive oil (non extra virgen) 325-375F

Ghee is the winner! Ghee is clarified butter, a.k.a. butter that has been simmered and strained to remove all water. In France, clarified butter has uncooked milk solids, yielding a product with a very clean, sweet flavor. Basically like popcorn flavor! Yum.

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