House Plant PoweršŸ’„

Clean, cleanse and disinfect EVERYTHING!

Well, how about some plants you can have in your house or office to help with that.

These house plants not only increase oxygen to your space but also clean the air. Each one has a talent for stripping particular volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, from the air.

In August 2016, Vadoud Niri, a chemist from the State University of New York of Oswego presented his teamā€™s findings on the best houseplants that remove pollution at the 252nd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society.

Bromeliad – This plant was most effective at removing benzene, with a 92-percent removal rate within 12 hours.

Dracaena – While all of the plants tested removed acetone from the air, dracaena was a superstar, removing 94 percent of the chemical from the air.

Spider Plant – This plant removed more than 80 percent of the ethylbenzene, p-Xylenes, o-Xylene and acetone from the air in chamber testing.

Jade Plant – Of all the plants tested, this was the best houseplant for removing toluene pollution from indoor air. It removed a whopping 91 percent from the air

I’m going to add the bromeliad for sure to my home/work space. The research is fascinating. And it has a pretty blossom!

Read more here:

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