The Power Of Frustration

Ever get a little or a LOT frustrated??

I’ll admit to being VERY frustrated.

Where did all these freckles come from and why did working out almost 7 days a week cause not just muscle weight gain–but belly fat gain?!

I could scream! Sometimes you have to admit there is no ONE perfect way and that one way will have to be edited and tweaked. I must figure it out. I like this muscle and strength gaining but how about evening it out with fat loss.

So I’m on a mission to lose the 10 pounds that I don’t like. I know I’ve done it before but this mission will be to keep the muscle at the same time.

So I’ll exercise 4-5 days a week (biking, core, legs)

Add a very strict intermittent fasting 5-6 days a week. 18/6 Which means 18 hours of nothing but water and smoothies, juicing, real plant food 6 hours within 24hrs. Comes out to no food between 8 or 9pm to 12 or 1pm.

Stay 100% plant based, except I cook veggies in organic bacon fat since its a very stable fat–and makes everything taste amazing!

Keep the diet mostly raw–less need for cooking. I hate cooking…

Eat carbs (like potato, rice) in the second half of the day.

One more goal: Try to encourage others!!

What are you tweaking in your lifestyle to meet goals? It can be any goal!

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