So Many Cancellations πŸ˜Ÿ

Due to covid-19 this event is sadly cancelled as well as three other events I would have been involved in. But I am posting this anyway!

Onward world!! 🐎

Time for an event! (Cancelled) 😟

Tuesday 4/7/20 in Phoenix AZ

Northern Arizona University here I come and I look forward to talking to students and faculty by being a “living book.”

I hope to give my “human readers” as much insight as I can about being a patient who choses to go the natural route healing disease. And how physical, occupational or speech therapists can treat a patient with a neurological disorder. Especially when they seem so “able.”

My goal being a “book” is to help those in the medical field understand and give resources to individuals like myself. We should not be on our own in natural remedy treatment. These professionals should learn to treat disorders differently by learning from the success stories like my own.

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